South Pacific Thailand Grand Vacation Swap

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I’m back in the land of winter and freezing!  Well after super hot Thailand, New Zealand certainly feels freezing!  We had such a fantastic time. I was lucky this year and was able to take my two youngest children, Sofie and Kjirsti.  It was the first time we’ve taken “extras” on the trip with us, which sure made the trip even more fun and also more logistically tricky.  However, I do thoroughly enjoy that all three of my daughters have now been on a trip and all three of them can see a tiny bit of the “big picture” of Stampin’ Up! – that there is SO MUCH more than just papercrafting to this team and business.

Phi Phi Island

The South Pacific Achievers decided to have a smaller swap between ourselves, something we’ve done for the last few years.   We decided to have a Memories & More (Pocket Page) swap, so we could all take home not only fun samples, but use them to create an album right away with our Thailand photos.  I love this idea!

Here is my submission, a 3×4 inch card for slotting into the pockets of the Memories & More pages to enhance photos:

I used a card design from my Open House as inspiration.  These go together so quickly – even those who aren’t “into” scrapbooking could totally get into this!

And here are the swaps from the other South Pacific Achievers:

The variety is neat! We all stuck with one colour theme, though, so they will all work in together. Each one is a mini piece of art.

Clever girls. Some even worked in a wee elephant!

I saw with sincerity that the other demonstrators in the South Pacific have become like family over the years.  When we had the smaller Grand Vacations (just New Zealand and Australia), it gave us a chance to become really close.  I so appreciate their warmth and friendship.  And now our trips are global, which although there is less intimacy, there is also greater opportunity to expand our circles of friends.  How I love Stampin’ Up! and all it stands for and all the opportunities it provides and good people involved.

Feeling greatly blessed tonight.


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  1. Linda Dalke

    Don’t they look great all together! Thanks for being part of it Jacque… love swapping with you!


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