Adhesive Tips – Tutorial Video and PDF File for your Reference

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Do you ever wonder which adhesive to use?  Or how to use it?

Stampin’ Up! offers a range of adhesives, and each has its advantages and purpose. I’ve created two resources that I hope will be of use to all adhesive users:

  1.  A video tutorial on how to use each of the STampin’ Up! adhesives.   I admit it – I’m a bit OCD and I want you to get the best value out of your resources.  I held an event recently and was surprised to find all three pairs of my scissors absolutely stuck shut by improper use of adhesives. I hope this video will answer a few questions and help you get more value out of your products:




2. I’ve also created a downloadable PDF file all about Adhesives. Here I’ve detailed out the pros and cons of each as well as provided a chart with suggestions for “best use” situations for each adhesive.   Of course, this list is not 100% comprehensive, but I think will cover the general paper crafter’s questions:

Stampin’ Up! Adhesive Reference Sheet


I hope you find both of those resources useful and helpful!   I do keep my ears open when I am teaching.  I want to know what you want to know!  If there is a resource you’d like to see, please feel free to let me know and I will put it on the list.


Thanks for stopping in to see me today!    If you need any adhesives, you can order them at any time by emailing me or by using my Online Shop.

P.S. Tomorrow I am heading over to Tauranga for an Egg Carton Box Class – I have 3 spots that could be filled. Please join us!

P.P.S. This weekend is our big OnStage training days. This is where Stampin’ Up! corporate offers training and new product introduction for the upcoming catalogue in June!  We are all so excited to see what’s coming – can’t wait to share with you when we are allowed to share publicly!

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Stampin’ Up! Colour Inventory Tick List

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Have you ever bought something twice on accident?

So have I! I’ve created Inventory charts for you so when you go to class or an event, you have a list of what you already have and what is on the wish list for next. I hope these are useful to you!


Have you ever gone to place a Stampin’ Up! order and weren’t sure which colours you already had?   Use these inventory sheets to help keep track of what you already have and what items have run out or are still on the wish list!

Please feel free to print and share these charts for personal use only!

1. Brights Collection Inventory Chart

2. Regals Collection Inventory Chart

3. Subtles Collection Inventory Chart

4. Neutrals Collection Inventory Chart

5. In Colour Collection Inventory Chart


P.S. Do you want it all?  Why not become a demonstrator and join our team?  Check us out!


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