So Many Birthday Wishes!

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Yesterday was my birthday.  35 yet again!   I felt so loved – I kindly received cards in the post this month and lovely text messages.  Of course, my family went the extra mile, too.

I wanted to share some of the birthday cards I received in the post.  I debated about naming each artist, but wondered if they would be shy  . . . so I haven’t, but if you see yours and would like credit given, please do let me know and I will amend straight away.

Now let’s get to the good stuff!

stampin-up-birthday-card-1 stampin-up-birthday-card-2 stampin-up-birthday-card-3 stampin-up-birthday-card-4 stampin-up-birthday-card-5 stampin-up-birthday-card-6 stampin-up-birthday-card-7 stampin-up-birthday-card-8 stampin-up-birthday-card-9 stampin-up-birthday-card

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