Bird Punch Gift Card Set

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One of the many lovely things we got to do this summer as a family was start to make a "man cave" for the boys out under the driveway slab.    First part of the job was to actually dig it out.  Ugh!!  HUGE job!

I'm not a weak girl, but it was totally labourious.  I called in the troops and asked around at church if some men would come help.   It was amazing.   That next night, we had 12 men there digging away.


The progress they made was impressive!

I busied myself making sandwiches and drinks and ice creams.

I also appreciated the wives who allowed their husbands to give us 2-3 hours on a night they'd otherwise be with their families, so I made up a few gifts as they worked away:

Stampin up decorative dots gift gift set

This one I put four similar cards in different colour combinations in a plastic sleeve.

The backing is done up with the up and coming "Decorative Dots" embossing folder (released 28 Jan~!)

Stampin up bird punch card gift set

It's the packaging that makes it all look so wonderful sometimes.  I gave this one to a mother with only boys, so I made it extra girly for her.

And this is why we do what we do!  xx

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