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I really enjoyed making my three daughters dresses for the wedding.  Okay . . . it was a big drama getting fabric ALL four of us liked and then another drama deciding on neckline shape, length, strap width, and on and on and on.

Finally, the bride and seamstress put her foot down and said she'd do what she wanted and expected them to be worn with a smile.

Blog dresses
I used quilting cottons so I could get them all coordinating, but not identical.  Plus cotton is easy to work with – bonus!

Blog sofie crumb cake tulle
I wanted to share a couple things.  First, notice the tulle along the bottom of the dresses.  This is so popular right now!  I've used the Crumb Cake Tulle by Stampin' Up! here.  A quick run through on the machine gathered it up quite nicely just using a long stitch.  Then it was just pinning it on along the hem and tacking it on.

Blog kjirsti crumb cake tulle
All the girls are covering it up, but the ribbon on the bouquets is also Stampin' Up!.  Gerbera Daisies are one of my favorites, and I felt it quite appropriate for the mood and nature of our celebration.  Baby daisies for the girls were perfect.

_CLP4109small (3)
In the end she agreed to wear the dress and carry the purse if I let her wear the shoes . . . .

Blog my four kids
My four kids feeling relieved the spotlight is off and happy to go play.  Or happy to have photos, their most favorite activity.

Nov 24 2013_6356

I feel very blessed.


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  1. Dale

    Beautiful. They all look stunning.

  2. Jacquelyn Pedersen

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    Thanks Elaine! I really did enjoy doing those. Must sew more!!!

  3. Jacquelyn Pedersen

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    Thanks Judy!

  4. Elaine

    What a fantastic job you did the dresses Jacque. The girls looked lovely in them & how happy all your 4 kids look.

  5. Beetson

    And they looked absolutely beautiful too (as did you).


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